Messenger (ferry), 3D printed parts


EveKites: Erik
EveKites: Erik
Kite Messenger (ferry)
EveKites, 5/2018
Dimensions (wxhxd):
280 x 80 cm
(0 kg)
Frame: 8 mm Fiberglass Tube, 4mm carbon tube. Sail: 6mm fiber rod, Chikara: Fluor Pink
With this ferry, you can carry a load in the air, that will be droped when the ferry reaches an obstacle attatach to the kite line. After dropping the load, the sail will collapse and the ferry will ride down the line to it can be loaded again. I have designed this messenger with Fusion 360 after an idea I saw at Thingiverse. My plans are also published on Thingiverse.
Flying characteristics
Na wat experimenteren werkt hij nu heel goed. Zowel berendroppen als snoepdroppen.

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